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We use our powerful and innovative sales training and coaching to increase your sales volumes, margins and ultimately profits. Businesses of all sizes from SMEs - PLCs and across a wide range of sectors can benefit from our proven solutions.

Sinclair Training already an international franchisor continues to offer exciting franchise opportunities in the UK and worldwide. 

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“We really enjoyed the enthusiasm and practicality you brought to bear in the training programme. It has been so very, very positive and has been a wonderful training package. Staff have been very receptive and enthusiastic.”

Ama Orleans – Lindsay
Manager – Toyota Ghana Company Ltd.

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Why is Sales Training Vital in 2022?

Sales are the lifeblood of every business - but these sales must be achieved at the right margin!

Sinclair Training’s extensive research shows that a critical factor in business success is the training of sales personnel. To succeed in today’s competitive environment it is not enough to only understand your own product and have intelligent market knowledge.

Sales people must develop essential techniques and selling skills to fully understand their customers’ needs in order to develop positive relationships and build business. Our unique EDIT sales process makes this achievable.

At Sinclair Training we use experience gained from thousands of sales visits and customer encounters to mould the elements of success into models, which we call dimensions. These innovative dimensions can be measured and repeated to win time after time!

Changing markets, more sophisticated buyers, greater competition and a tightening economic climate all mean that sales personnel need to be continually upskilled in order to win and keep on winning!

Whatever your sector or business from SMEs to PLCs we have the sales training and sales coaching programmes to get you and keep you ahead of the pack.

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